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Top Instagram accounts with the most new followers in March 2018
We checked the top 50,000 accounts
517. @xxxibgdrgn, 권지용
March 201815,974,179
February 201815,828,636
518. @arthuraguiar, Arthur Aguiar
March 20187,626,412
February 20187,480,923
Cantor • Ator • Compositor •🎤: (81) 3328-7365 -Fonttes Promoções •🎭: (21) 2429-5067 -Márcia Marbá •⌨: •👇🏻: Saiba Mais👇🏻
519. @saadlamjarred1, saadlamjarred
March 20185,985,483
February 20185,840,010
Official Instagram Follow me as well on my official twitter @Saadlamjarred1
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